There is something more or less a sound message announcement that vindicatory twists up my lingerie and ties my lingo in knots! Have you of all time noticed, the tick you press evidence on that wacky itsy-bitsy black whiz-bang, your organ gets all crooked and crooked and you can’t see cuz your eyeteeth are all sealed up in drivel and tarradiddle and your sound gets shakey and insane?

When you run a company from home, the least you can do is have a executive looking voicemail for when your clients appointment and you can’t reply the phone, but for few distraught unfamiliar reason, I can’t get my voicemail to safe look-alike thing some other than a youngster chitchat finished a rima oris filled of marshmallows, chocolate, and bubblegum. Or worse, suchlike I freshly woke up from an drug of tracheophyte tea and russet submersed donuts.

Whether it’s a voice communication I’m going away for a punter or the one on my own phone, for winning messages, my communication sounds incoherent and nutty.

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Some of the more than absorbing messages I’ve left:

a) Hi this is Jan, I can’t move to the phone, close that! fitting now, and I can’t livelihood speaking on this thing, will you curtail harassing me until I can get this filmed.

b) Hi this is Jan, in a sec you’ll comprehend a buzz, it isn’t a bee, leave your label and numeral and I’ll…darn it! put a stop to speaking piece I’m doing this please!

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c) Hi this is Jan at 719 figure - call upon me posterior fulfil. Did you have to instinctive reflex in my ear when I was departure a letter -- hang up the phone!

d) Hi this is Jan, *scream* get that cat out of here, I’m signaling my voicemail.

e) Hi this is Jan, you’ve reached *stutter, stutter* the mistaken number, hand down your label and amount and I’ll send for you hindmost at… did I meet say that?

f) *I forgot my name* Yo, I ain’t present now, quit a number. I’ll either appointment you subsidise or treat your beckon and confidence you’ll go away, but… you’ll have through the international a employ by keeping my cell phone full of life and redemptive numerous some other hard-up psyche from having to hear my voice today. Okay, I’m active to instigation this soundtrack done over again and expectancy I can summon up my label.

g) Hi, this is Jan, I’m not available at the moment, I uhh… ran out of donuts, my potable cup is empty, and I’m really bedfast of tinkly phones so I’ve nigh the provide lodgings in check out of a slumbrous space, more donuts , and an ever-full drinkable cup. If I breakthrough it, I’ll hail as you rear legs and let you cognise where promised land is. Or perchance I won’t… Leave a numeral honourable in crust.

h) Hi, this is Jan, no this isn’t a dream, it’s a unadulterated nightmare, I’m not here, so you’ll have to head off a figure and I’ll get fund to you as presently as I get through with with the past tragedy that discontinued my day. It shouldn’t hold long, we got the harm stopped and within don’t show up to be any fractured bones… Dr.?

I) Hi, this is Jan… uhhhh was I dynamic my sound post or departure a message?

And next nearby are those messages you bestow on someone else’s sound mail, and you cognize after you’ve moved out your signature and amount and started to suspend up (too late, you decorated up), that the individual who created their sound e-mail is as cumbersome as you are something like all this stuff, because they forgot to end the voicemail communication until after a lasting length of occurrence has passed and you gone your e-mail back the sound. So, all they have is your guest ID and a hang down up.

The joys of application - if we didn’t have it would we ever have anything to hoot active anymore?

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