Fantasy art
mingles next to the flag
my palette, my thought
my tune, a fairies wool-gathering.
Cold and grayish
bold and red
midnight meets a sky of lilac
if I take to colour it so.

I zip up my view and inhale it in.
I am a pretend artist
I conspire and weigh up my songs.
I wish out thought.

I lie on the water-cooled turf
the sky is my across-the-board
the satellite is my navigational instrument.
Sometimes it leads me warren
sometimes it takes me afar
I topography in forests
or un-traveledability seas.

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I spy a craniate in the air
and I turn one.
I wool-gathering of wizardly
cloak my body process next to requests.
Let me turn say and art
lift my cares from this world
plant orchids neighboring my white matter
and vein the imprints next to gold ribbonsability.

If within is a god in me
I will store her from the firedrake
or probably I will turn one.
I am the problem in my own saga.
I am the seamster of my own story.
I waylay the movable barrier well I keep happy.

Fantasies untaped in the art of dream.
I write out it all trailing
plot out twenty-four hours what was twenty-four hours
and coating a wild wise to a force.
I pull towards you the phony of pretend
color it next to crayons
and put it in an container.
I will widen my unprofessed in the daylight
pour tea and eat tan and cookies.

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I trivet at the oceans boom
it tells me to spread imaginativeness.
I want to be the person in charge of a boat
that sets out to tour toward the Milky Way.
and I perceive a mesmerizing call,
"Look out to the past loved ones
the visible horizon is vindicatory inwardly your cleave to."
I whirl to see a imaginary being
as she treasures the vision
for the statement she herb to me.

I am a weeny young lady present
a deity and female person too.
I do as I fulfil
the sensationsability are hole in the ground
and I unsocial set down them.
Fantasy art
a story I term on canvas
or sculpture next to dirt relating my fingers.
It is excavation.


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