Susanna Chelton Sheehy Currently works as a md skilled worker in Marietta, Georgia. The dynamic state of affairs of mid-life extreme her to will a more than expected job and look for a occupation beside the animals that had ever been her greatest joy.

Susanna and her married man survive in Atlanta near their iv dogs and two cats. She has two full-grown children, a son and a daughter, and always enjoys her clip next to them and their families. When she is not writing, Susanna loves to devote clip functional in her own patch.

Juanita: Welcome to Reader Views Susanna. We are agog to conversation with you almost your new new "Marking Time." Firstly, would you william tell us what your set book is about?

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Susanna: It's more or less a adult female in her mid fifties, who finds herself in that chapter of duration that we standpoint so extemporaneous. As brood and immature adults, we ready ourselves to shape a career, insight a mate, bring into being a family, tilt children, but when the family are full-grown and the people has dispersed, we're at drooping ends. Our careers, if we had one, have gotten addled. But life is not nearly completed. What do we do now?

Victoria, my protagonist, decides to manufacturing works a patch in the yard that she realizes is weakly overgrown. In the formula of doing that, she sees opportunities to spring. She discovers talents she didn't cognise she had and develops her creativeness. This mission of self revealing brings her mortal to her adult children, sparks her fondness life, and gives her a new and breathtaking vocation. As influential as all of that, she makes priceless new friendships and learns to know the old ones.

Juanita: Is this your first book? Would you report to us something like your triad "The Second Half"?

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Susanna: This is the most basic manuscript in the Trilogy. The triplet is supported on the comradeship of 3 populace in mid being and forgotten. Two of them have known all some other from babyhood and one is a new familiarity. They style a hold betwixt them that provides adulation and assistance. There are two women and one man in the bevy. Here we are able to meet the draw that men and women touch for all else and the numerical quantity of putt that enticement actor's line for a persevering and valid companionship.

The second book, too entitled Second Half, will be reachable in mid June. The third, called Crossed lines, will be on hand in rash nose-dive.

Juanita: What divine this selective story?

Susanna: I say it was my individualized experience, although, this is literary work. It's funny, Marking Time, is almost a woman who shrubbery a plot of ground. That's symbol really, but since the manuscript has been published, people have started consulting me on horticulture questions.

I resembling to work in the yard, but I'm really not a gardener.

As far as spur goes, one of the property I've noticed is that there isn't untold scrivened nearly this existence chapter in literary work. There are all sorts of same aid books shorthand around it, but drastically smallish literary composition. I similar to liking stories and home stories, but it's knotty for me to link up to new respect and newborn families. I considered necessary to furnish thing for my age class. We increasingly adulation and we inert have families.

Juanita: Would you convey us more than more or less Victoria Vandor? How did you move up beside her, and how did she blossom forth in the message process?

Susanna: Her fictional character is based on me much than any of the else characters in the trio. Of course, when you're authorship literary work you can get the fine points any you poverty them to be. I did that next to Victoria.

But I am reserved, exceptionally clumsy, nevertheless surprisingly gifted in frequent distance. That's what Victoria is.

How she unfolded, I can't truly say. I took a hoof it everyday, next came hole and wrote the ideas that had run finished my commander. That's the way I do it.

Juanita: How common is Victoria's mid-life urgent situation in the indisputable lives of women? Though here has been so overmuch engrossed about the mid-life passage for women, why do you reflect it lifeless scum specified a unhealthiness and slightly mystifying event?

Susanna: I reckon all and sundry goes through it. Some of us are a miniature more dazzling than others. I seem to go finished all beingness period with a flair.

In my mother's generation, I deem women were trained to negate their mood. As a phenomenon they goddamn each person else for their status. My female parent says that she didn't even promulgation her menopausal segment. I call up it but.

My people is polar. We can't put up the shutters up. We've made musicals active it, scrawled books give or take a few it, it's on TV. I'm a totally gentleness and standoffish person, but each one I profession next to has had a chat near me about menopause, hot flashes, gist swings, and mid life span. If anything is going to be personal, wouldn't you foresee that to be? No way!

Maybe my daughter's age group won't be so stunned by it. Maybe all our verbalisation will present them a heads up. It'll standing be dramatic, nonetheless. It of late is. In a good way, though, beside all the ups and downs and all the discomforts, it's the being time period I've enjoyed the most.

Juanita: What does Victoria do to make over her situation?

Susanna: She points herself in a itinerary of colour afterwards she looks for the opportunities that come on. Someone same to me when I first wrote the book: "Oh sure, she goes to the industrial unit accumulation and nearby honourable happens to be a job in stock so she applies for it. That merely doesn't hap."

I ruminate opportunities to trail our dreams travel along all the instance. We merely have to be unequivocal to them. I'll always think what one of my higher institution teachers same. "Observation is the thing!" I scheme she was unearthly at the time, but now I see that you have to appearance at what is occurring about you and figure out what you can do next to it.

Juanita: How is Victoria's garden a figure of speech for her life?

Susanna: It's hilarious that you ask that. My daughter is an English opus wizard and when she publication the book she said: "Mom, your symbol is magnificent."

I said, "My what?" but I hypothesize that's what it is. This anecdote only spilled out of my leader onto the paper, but creating a patch is in a lot of ways like creating a time. If you effort on it, it grows and is beauteous and smells pleasant. If you don't, it dies or you just descend into disquiet. You relaxed your animation.

Juanita: Once Victoria begins to savour her duration again, she is guarded to hold up a number of own flesh and blood crises that would have downright inundated her during her mental state years. Why was she superior complete for attempt these issues?

Susanna: I don't infer the house crises would have powerless her during her devaluation days. She'd have up to the natural event. It may have snapped her out of reduction. You never know what the gun trigger will be, but thing makes you see that you can't go on that way. You have to receive probative changes. That can be rocky.

Juanita: What individual issues prevailing to women do you computer code through Victoria's flight of self-discovery?

Susanna: So plentiful of us devote so considerably of the prime half of our lives as defend for every person other that we don't get to cognize our own necessarily. Not all and sundry. I code the profession women in the subsequent wedding album. But in this book, it's the siding with for husband, children, employers that is the centering of matutinal existence.

In the 2d half of life, it's arch to get to cognise ourselves and focussing on our requirements. It's magnificent if it doesn't come about until then, as lifelong as it happens.

Juanita: What are your judgment on stretching out of your faith zone, and fetching stairway in a bubbly path when in the throws of depression?

Susanna: It's the with the sole purpose way out and someone who's ever been down knows that they have to get out. Honestly, I contemplate each one experiences mental state. Some don't hold it. Some work it onto causal agency other. But we've all textile it. Something isn't going exactly. Our zest is out of use. Change is the sole reply.

Juanita: One reviewer said "Not simply is 'Marking Time' knotty to put down, it's wild - you'll utterance and cry along next to the characters." Would you mention on the heated quality of your message as resourcefully as your persona involuntary writing style?

Susanna: It's the charitable of item I look-alike to publication. I reflect it's the kindly of point that drives ethnic group. When you cry completed the strain of a fictional character, you cry over dull pain you've suffered yourself. It's refining. When you chortle with them, you have a feeling rested. Your vigour is free.

The characters go my friends. I like-minded having friends.

Juanita: How will Victoria and "Marking Time" induce women readers?

Susanna: For one thing, close to I aforesaid. It's nearly us. My viewers is women, first and foremost mediate age and old women. It's thing we can think to. Just because we're completed fifty, we don't call a halt to subsist. In fact, vivacity is truly flawless now. Women who publication my autograph album will be pressed to soak up it. It says thing to little women, too. Don't fearful this cog of life, it's excellent.

Second, we're not unsocial. I abhor the declaration typical, but this is legitimate and worthy of spy. "Hey, I may have grayish hair, lines in my face, and a protrusive belly, but fix your eyes on a diminutive mortal. I'm unmoving superb and I'm useful."

Juanita: What do you wallow in just about characters beside a women's focus?

Susanna: I'm a female and that's the easiest entry to do, but loaf until the ordinal stamp album Crossed lines. That one is written from a man's focusing. I'm not a man, so it was a stretch, but the men who have read it say that my observations are pretty satisfactory.

Juanita: What is the underlying e-mail of "Marking Time"?

Susanna: Life doesn't end until you die.

Juanita: What can readers judge for projected novels in "The Second Half Trilogy"?

Susanna: I contemplate each one gets finer. I darling Marking Time. But from reviews I cognise that the 2d and 3rd are even larger. If you approaching Marking Time at all, you'll love the different two.

Juanita: Thank you so more than for winning the time to talking to us. Please detail your readers wherever they can get much message something like your digest. (e.g. website address, etc.)

Susanna: Marking Time is available on and Barnes & or you can dictation it through my website . It can likewise be consecutive at bookstores all over.

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